It all started from this little house on dong ping road in 1999, where simply thai open its doors and became the first thai restaurant in Shanghai. Now many branches spread across the city in strategic locations. Today, we bring Thailand traditional cuisine and original dishes to Nan Jing and Suzhou, which is steered by Thai chef, and all kinds of fresh food imported from Thailand, so that different areas of the diners can also enjoy the delicious food and unique flavour from the tropics.

要烹制最正宗的泰国料理,需要的不仅仅是技巧,更需要的是真正来自泰国的原材料,确保你的每一口都能感受到泰国原汁原味的味道。芒果、榴莲、椰子、茄子、柠檬草、高良姜——所有你能想到的食材,全部都新鲜来自泰国。难怪,simplythai 是Trip Advisor上海泰国餐厅榜的榜首。

Cooking up the most authentic Thai in the city takes more than just technique, it takes real Thai ingredients, and you can taste them in every delicious bite. Mangoes, durians, coconuts, eggplants, lemongrass, galangal - all the ingredi- ents you can think of – are own directly from Thailand. No surprise, then, that simplythai is Trip Advisor’s number 1 Thai restaurant in Shanghai!